Nurturing Portland's mico-roasting community with a minimum of fuss

Aspect Collective began in the sawdust-y brain of Trevin Harper, a native Oregonian with a dedication to the DIY lifestyle. As the owner of Mr. Green Beans, a toy store for home coffee roasters, he saw the difficulty new (and wanna-be) coffee roasters faced: green coffee, a roaster, and a commercial space take money. Lots of it. And thus, four years ago in SE Portland, with a Probat L12 and more than usual elbow grease, was born Aspect Collective. First conceived as a cooperative and then, as more and more roasters joined, shifted to a new business model, Aspect Collective functions as an incubator for some of the finest roasters, large and small, to emerge in Portlands new wave of coffee. The Collective is growing;new roasters join and new partnerships are forged. Aspect Collective serves as a home base for multiple small importers as well. Interested? Join us. The roasting revolution is just getting started.


Roaster Rental

Rent time on our Probat L12 and join the community.

Importer Relations

Meet farmers, cup some outstanding coffees, and network with other roasters.


Break through to the next level of coffee knowledge. Optimize your business, or get started.

Ghost Roasting

Own or looking to start a cafe? Our ghost roasting service allows you to ease into roasting your own coffee. Programs can customized to fit your needs and plans.

Team & Partners

Aspect Collective collaborates with individuals and companies that work to help the specialty coffee industry grow.
Mr. Green Beans

Mr. Green Beans

Raw Coffee + Brewing Gear

Trevin Harper

Owner & Chief Tinkerer

Collective Blog

An occasionally-updated, sometimes-informative, always-entertaining chronicle of the 30+ roasters who use our space weekly + a bunch of other stuff that happens around here on a semi-regular basis.